Below are some of the important information on the Power BI datasets setting and it’s workload sourced from Microsoft.

Max Memory (%): The maximum percentage of available memory that datasets can use in a capacity.

XMLA Endpoint: Specifies that connections from client applications honor the security group membership set at…

Becoming rich is the compounding effect comprising of different factors. Money habits is one of them and probably the most important. Your good money habits compounds over time contributing a clearer path to your financial objectives.

Most of the average people tend to focus more on the net worth of…

I’m a big fan of Mr. Warren Buffett.

2019- So far, a year of IPOs, Trade war, and volatility.

Mostly awaited companies like LYFT, UBER, Pinterest, Zoom went public this year. These companies were also known as the company of the millennials.


DOW, S&P500 including NASDAQ went all time highs…

Let me just be straight with meaning of golden grains.

China used more cement between 2011–2013 than the US did in the entire 20th century. This is the kind of economic model happening in 21st century. It’s not going to be the last thing. …

Most of the people on my circle love using Snapchat and they’ve been doing this for years. At the prime of this app it looked very promising to the users as it was completely different from Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Communicating via photos and short clips was creating the…

Nishan Thapaliya

Trying to reflect my personal experiences & knowledge .

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